December 8, 2015 | Township Board Meeting


Board members: Supervisors Scott Mead, Lee Kaplan, Don Swanstrom; Treasurer Kim Hand and Clerk Lita Wallace
Number of residents (2) – non-residents (1)


Meeting was called to order by Scott at 8:35 p.m.


Minutes of November 10, 2015 meeting was read by Lita. Motioned by Don, seconded by Lee, motion carried  with corrections and additions.


$     257,884.36 Total Cash On-Hand as of 10/31/15
 +           218.39 Deposits
–             838.70 Expenditures
$     257,264.05 Total Cash On-Hand as of 11/30/15 including interest from CapitalOne


  • Lee reported that he completed and passed the Local Board of Appeal and Equalization training as required by the Department of Revenue (via St. Louis County Assessor) and was issued a certificate.
  • Kim reported that she has changed the format of the Timesheet/Expense Reimbursement for CTAS purposes. Kim also reported that she had completed data entry of payroll and receipts from January to November 2015.


  • Kim asked if the supervisors would consider using the $165.00 for officer’s life insurance and spend in PERA retirement instead. Scott requested Kim to get more information about PERA.
  • We received the Workers’ Compensation Audit Report form from MATIT and are required to return the form with proof of Workers’ Comp (WC) insurance from contractors hired by the township.
  • Lee proposed a resolution for the following question to be placed on the March 2016 Board election ballot — “Shall option B, providing for the appointment of the Clerk by the Town Board be adopted for the government of the town?” Lee further explained that the township incurred problem early in the year to find a qualified replacement for the clerk who resigned in the middle of her term; that nobody from the township was interested in serving; and that the township had invested on Lita, the current clerk, who is qualified and capable of performing the clerk duties. Lee clarified that at this time the proposed resolution is only for the town clerk position and provided several Minnesota Statutes to support his proposition.
  1. Minnesota Statute 367.30 Subd. 2 states: “Option B; appointment of clerk and treasurer. A town may provide for the appointment of the town board of its clerk or treasurer, or both, or if combined pursuant to the adoption of option D as defined in subdivision 4, its clerk-treasurer, as provided in sections 367.30 to 367.36. This is option B.”
  2.  Minnesota Statute 367.31 Subd. 4 states: The proposals for adoption of the options shall be stated on the ballot, substantially as follows: “Shall option B, providing for the appointment of the clerk and treasurer by the town board, be adopted for the government of the town?”
  3. Minnesota Statute 367.34 Subd 1. states: “If option B is adopted at an election at which a clerk or treasurer, or a clerk-treasurer under option D, is elected, the candidate elected to that office shall not take office and that candidate’s election shall be null.
  • Lita reported that she received the Calendar of 2016 Minnesota Towns with March Election from the State Auditor’s Office, reviewed the materials and compiled important deadline dates for the March 2016 Town Board election which will be posted to the Pequaywan Township webpage. If you wish to file candidacy for any open position. contact Lita Wallace, town clerk, at or 218/525/4068. Submit the Affidavit of Candidate and Receipt for Filing between December 29, 2015-January 12, 2016.
  • Currently, all funds of the township is under General Account and a budget has not been set as of earlier date and it was proposed that an amount be designated before the end of 2015. Fund designation for 2016 will be tabled in January. Also request for 2017 levy will also need to have a distribution. 2015 Fund distribution is as follows as motioned by Don, seconded by Lee, motion carried —– General Fund: $228,942.43; Roads and Bridges: $3,300.00; and Fire Department: $13,500.00.


  • Total claims for November totalled $3,421.49.

PUBLIC COMMENTS – Letters regarding Firewise funding have been mailed to residents. Beta testing for the internet towers were conducted the last few days and next week, the rest of the residents in little and big lakes will be hooked up.

Next meeting: Tuesday, January 12, 7:30 p.m. at Pequaywan Fire Hall

Lee motioned to adjourn at 9:35 p.m., seconded by Don, motion carried.

Respectfully submitted by
Lita Wallace, Town Clerk