March 13, 2007 Annual Town Meeting

Meeting convened: 8:20 PM after Elections


∙ All Supervisors present in addition to Clerk and Treasurer and approximately 25 residents

Clerk Marialice Arndt called the meeting to order at 8:20 PM. A motion was made and seconded to elect Richard Arndt to preside as Citizen Monitor for the meeting. Motion carried. March 2006 minutes were read, motioned and seconded to approve. Motion carried. Motion and seconded to approve to waive reading of all checks written and received in 2006. Citizens had copies of financial report and no questions were raised. Motion and seconded to approve Treasurer report. Motion approved.

Rick Fry gave road report. He advised that the road had heaved from frost and that major patching may be needed after frost out.

The levy for taxes was discussed. Motioned and seconded that the levy remain at $23,000. Motion carried.

A report was given by Clerk Arndt on the Annual Election. Scott Mead was elected by a vote count of 33 to 22 over incumbent Brian Landstrom for the three year term of Supervisor. Incumbent Treasurer Keith Stoneburner received 16 votes as a write in candidate and agreed to continue in his capacity as treasurer for the next two year term. There were also 8 other write in candidates for treasurer with votes ranging from 1 to 4 votes each.

Motioned and seconded to authorize signing of resolution for establishing voting hours. The resolution is to read that the hours for polling place to remain open from 5:00 to 8:00 pm for all Annual Town Elections and the polling place to remain open for voting from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM for Primary, General and Special Statewide Elections. Motion carried. Additional judges will be sought to help with the longer voting times and Clerk Arndt will inquire if the head judge is in fact to be present for all of the voting.

Motioned and seconded that the monthly meetings continue to be held at the PVFD Hall on the second Tuesday of the month at 7:30 PM. Motion carried. Motioned and seconded that the next Annual Meeting be held on the second Tuesday of March 2008 after the Annual Election. Motion carried.

Afer discussion of postings being placed in a local paper it was concluded that the current postings are adequate. There is however times, such as accepting certain bids, when it is mandatory to do so.

Discussion of posting minutes on website was had and Freeman advises he had inquired about placing minutes with the Association of Townships and the application is very extensive. It was proposed that an compromise to keeping all residents informed (seasonal and snowbirds) that “unofficial/unapproved” minutes be placed on the Lake Association’s website. It was advised that a disclaimer be made that the recordings are not official and not approved. It was suggested a volunteer/appointee from the Lake Association take minutes from the meeting and present them to the party hosting the website.

ATV trail ways discussion was had. The category of Managed and Limited was discussed and also the usage of side-by-side machines. At the St Louis County board meeting held March 13th the council voted to approve a DNR submitted plan for ATV usage. Within 90 days there will be public hearings to discuss this plan.

Motioned and seconded to adjourn at 9:35 PM. Motion carried.

Prepared by Marialice Arndt