Category: General Board of Audit Meeting, approximately 8:30 pm

Board of Audit Meeting, approximately 8:30 pm

February 11, 2020

Board of Audit Meeting after the Township Board Meeting

Call to Order

AttendanceTown officers, guests

Review Clerk/Treasurer's Reports

  • Summary of Receipts received from January to December 2019
  • Review Treasurer and Clerk's Disbursements Ledger (compare Fund/Account/Object Codes) - board members select 3+ disbursements to review and check
  • Review Treasurer and Clerk's Receipts Ledgers (compare Fund/Account) - do direct deposit have triplicate receipts, verify that deposits are noted on the appropriate bank statement, board members select and review 3+ receipts
  • Review Bank Statements to check that Cash Control Statement demonstrates same  balance as the Bank Statement
  • Verify that Clerk and Treasurer are balancing and reconciling bank statements (have the same balance), and Schedule 1 matches for both Treasurer and Clerk


Pequaywan Fire Hall
8764 Pequaywan Lake Road
Duluth, MN

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