June 11, 2024, Township Board Meeting Agenda

June 11, 2024, Township Board Meeting Agenda

June 11, 2024

Call to Order

Attendance: Town officers, guests

Clerk's Report

Treasurer's Report

MAY 2024

Total Funds on Hand 5/1/2024 $241,094.72
Plus: Deposits $405.68
-Interest on Accounts 405.68
-Misc Items

Less: Disbursements $2,079.30
-Payroll 936.14
-Other Expenses 768.16
-MAT - Spring Training 375.00

Total Funds on Hand 5/31/2024 $239,421.10
Checks Written 2003a-2018

JUNE 2024
Expected Receipts
None Expected
Checks Written 2019-2029 $1,454.36
No transfer to checking needed

Old Business

  • Update on West Branch Road
  • Results of tree drop off day on Saturday, June 2nd
  • Township trail maintenance
  • Status of new file cabinet and lock system for existing cabinets
  • Update on group email
  • Update on Presidential Nomination Primary Reimbursement
  • FYI - The township's OmniBallot and election printer has been serviced for maintenance by the county without charge

New Business

  • Introduction of Mark Munger candidate for Minnesota House seat 3B running against Natalie Zeleznikar



  • Invoice from Web Administrator Daisy Wallace for May in the amount of $75.00.
  • Minnesota Secretary of State audited the Presidential Nomination Primary Reimbursement submitted last month and determined that some of the expenses were not eligible for reimbursement.


Public Comment: The Public Comment section is a courtesy extended to persons wishing to address the Board. If you wish to comment during the Township Meeting, follow the protocol below. One public comment per citizen which is limited to two minutes. Submit request by the first Saturday of the month to peqclerk@gmail.com with your full name and comment information. The board can either address the issue, assign someone to address the issue, or do nothing.

Next Meeting, July 9, 2024, 7:00 p.m., Pequaywan Firehall

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