Special Town Meeting About Short-Term Rental Properties, 7:00pm

Special Town Meeting About Short-Term Rental Properties, 7:00pm

December 2, 2019


Attendees: (Note: persons who are not eligible voters of the town may attend the meeting, but they are not allowed to vote)


Call the meeting to order (clerk)

Election of a moderator (by the voters)

Review St. Louis County's currently proposed short term rental of properties

Discuss revising the Letter of Recommendation by Pequaywan Township to St. Louis County Planning Commission

Adopting a Resolution for the Town of Pequaywan




(Minn. Stat. § 365.52, subd. 1)

We, the undersigned town supervisors and the town clerk of Pequaywan Township, St. Louis County, Minnesota, do hereby declare that the interests of the town require a special town meeting to be held due to the reason stated below:

St. Louis County has been working for several years to review the need for permitting of short term (vacation home) rentals. It is currently proposed to allow for short term rental of properties with a Performance Standard Permit in most zone districts for Residential, Commercial and Sensitive, where a Conditional Use Permit may be allowed. Two public open houses (July and August) were conducted to discuss short term rentals. The draft ordinance changes were approved by the Planning Commission to be distributed for public input and a public hearing was conducted in October.

The Planning Commission reviewed the proposed changes and has requested to allow for an additional 30 day public review. After the 30 day public review, a second public hearing will be scheduled which is anticipated to be held on December 12, 2019.

The particular business to be transacted at the meeting:

In October 2019, Pequaywan Township sent a Letter of Recommendation to the Planning Commission. Our township will consider revising that Letter of Recommendation, creating a Resolution, and other items pertaining to short term rental as it applies to Pequaywan Township.

The meeting is to be held on the 2nd day of December, 2019, at 7:00p.m., at Pequaywan Firehall, 8764 Pequaywan Lake Road (Hwy 44) Duluth.

This statement shall be filed in the town clerk’s office. After the statement is filed, the clerk shall record this statement of need and provide ten days’ published notice of the time, place, and purpose of the meeting in the town's public posting places.

All interested parties are encouraged to attend, but only town electors are authorized to vote at the meeting.

Dated this the 20th day of November, 2019

Charles Kuettel, Supervisor (Original copy signed)
Donald Swanstrom, Supervisor (Original copy signed)
Douglas Dressen, Supervisor (Original copy signed)
Lita Wallace, Clerk (Original copy signed)

For more information, go to https://pequaywantownship.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Public-Notice-for-Special-Town-Meeting.pdf

Pequaywan Fire Hall
8764 Pequaywan Lake Road
Duluth, MN

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