Category: General Township Board Meeting, 7:30 pm

Township Board Meeting, 7:30 pm

February 13, 2018


Call to Order
Clerk's Report

Treasurer's Report

Old Business

  • March Town Election Reminder
  • Annual Meeting and Town Meeting after Town Election
  • Discussion of KTM Paving proposal for repair of West Branch Road

New Business

  • Approval of February 2018 Claims
  • Budget discussion
  • Financial audit of 2017 books
  • LBAE (Local Board of Appeals & Equalization) meeting scheduled May 9, 5-6 p.m. Pequaywan Fire Department

Correspondence Received

  • St. Louis County 2018 Fee Schedule for Plowing - $975.00/per mile per year commencing October 1, 2018
  • SLCAT (St Louis County Association of Townships) re-Resolution on St. Louis County Comprehensive Land Use Plan
  • Email from SLCAT - (1) December 2017 and January 2018 Meeting Minutes; (2) Letter and Resolution to reinstate MAT General Counsel Kent Sulem; and (3) SLCAT Lobby Day participation form, March 21, 2018
  • Master List for upcoming Township Elections in March
  • St Louis County Election Department - 2018 Caucus Locations (contact the Auditor’s Office at 218-726-2385or if there are questions) -
  • Office of State Auditor - required annual financial reporting of town activities to the State
  • St Louis County Ag Inspector - form to fill out by the Town Designated Weed Inspector
  • St. Louis Co, Planning and Community Development Department - Land Use Permit Summary issued in 2017
  • Minnesota Benefit Association - Township Officer benefit program
  • Social Security Administration - online access by treasurer
  • Minnesota Benefit Association - life insurance statement
  • Minnesota Association of Township ($161.60) and St. Louis County  Association of Township ($307.12) Dues

Correspondence Sent

  • Completed and signed form sent to St. Louis County for grant permission to access township land in their process of setting up timber sale in Sections 18 and 20 of the county land
  • Mailed two Absentee Ballots

Public Comment

 Next Meeting: March 13, 2018, approximately 9:15 p.m. after the Town Annual Meeting, Pequaywan Fire Department, 8764 Pequaywan Lake Road

Motion to Adjourn

Pequaywan Fire Hall
8764 Pequaywan Lake Road
Duluth, MN

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