November 11, 2008 Township Board Meeting

Present:  Mark Freeman, Rick Fry, Scott Mead

Absent: Keith Stoneburner

2 residents

Next meeting set for Dec 9, 2008

Oct 14th meeting minutes read and approved by board.

Old business:

Water level of the lakes:  Information from Amy Loiselle is that the boards appear to be 3” higher than authorized.  She recommended that if water monitoring is to be done, then it should be done weekly at the dam.  Resident Mark Merrill offered to do the water level checks.  Amy Loiselle is to take the next step to get us set up for the monitoring.

Invasive Knapweed – Discussed attending a St. Louis County meeting and bringing up the issue for feedback.  Nov 18th, Scott is to attend a meeting at St. Louis County to bring up the issue.

New business:

Mention that the election went well for our area, with about 90-95% turn out.

Meeting was adjourned.