October 10, 2017 | Township Board Meeting

Meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Chair Scott Mead.

Attendance: Board members: Supervisors Scott Mead, Lee Kaplan, Donald Swanstrom; Treasurer Ray Barnes and Clerk Lita Wallace. Number of resident/s present: 4, Number of non-resident/s present:1.

Clerk’s Report: Copies of September Minutes were provided for those present to review. Motion to approve by Lee, second by Scott, (Scott yay, Lee yay, Don yay) motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report:

$274,285.72    Total Cash on hand as of 8/31/2017
277.48    Plus: Deposits
69.26    Plus: Outstanding Checks
           710.23    Less: Disbursements
$273,922.23   Total Cash on hand as of 9/30/2017

Motion to approve by Lee, second by Don,  (Scott yay, Lee yay, Don yay) motion carried.

Old Business

  • Update West Branch Road turnaround – the project is finished. The township appreciates that the charge was amended to $15,900 due to difference on the distance of only 450 yards instead of the estimated 750 yards worked on. Scott contacted St. Louis County that the update is finished and asked if they need to inspect. Scott motion to pay Garrett Campbell, the contractor, the amount of $15,900, Don second, (Scott yay, Lee yay, Don yay) motion carried.A resident suggested to put barrier; i.e., big rocks every six feet in the turnaround as there is about 100-foot drop after the completion of the turnaround to avoid cars from going downhill. It was decided to discuss this more.
  • Review of brush clearing contract for West Branch Road – Ray Barnes has the equipment to get the work done. He submitted a proposal for $960.00. The project includes cleaning the road; take down of small trees, brush and grass. Motion to approve by Lee in the amount of $960.00, second by Scott, (Scott yay, Lee yay, Don yay) motion carried. The project is expected to be done before the November township meeting.
  • Discussion of a gate for the township parcel land – Scott bought a gate and with help from a couple of residents, they were able to finish installing it. One of the residents donated a padlock. The township appreciates help from them.

New Business

  •  Major road repair estimate from the county’s contractor for West Branch Road – there is no estimate from the county yet on the cost of the road repair.
  • Grant application for road repair funding – There is a grant that is available for Minnesota townships in the total amount of $750,000. As soon as we know how much the road repair will cost (patching with asphalt vs replacing with asphalt, 6 specific areas that are bad and one is a culvert that needs replacing), Lee will work on writing a grant application and secure a sponsor from the county.

Claims: Check numbers 1285-1289 in the amount of $16,505.38.



(1) Email from Minnesota Association of Townships re-2017 Educational Conference and Annual Meeting in Rochester on November 16-18
(2) Email from Arrowhead Regional Development Commission announcing a Federal funding opportunity: 2017-18 Transportation Alternatives Program Solicitation
(3) Letter from St. Louis Co Public Works Department re-pavement rehabilitation project on almost 30 miles of Highway 44 between Briar Lake and Highway 16 scheduled for construction in 2018.
(4) More materials from US Department of Commerce re-2020 Census

Sent: None

Public Comment

 Next Meeting: November 14, 2017, 7:30 p.m., Pequaywan Fire Department, 8764 Pequaywan Lake Road

Motioned to adjourn at 8:05 by Scott, second by Lee, (Scott yay, Lee yay, Don yay) motion carried.

Respectfully submitted by,
Lita Wallace, Town Clerk