Plans for Township Land Parcel

A number of years ago, Al Wilson, a local developer, sold a piece of property to the Pequaywan Lake Association to make the land available to the citizens of Pequaywan. The Pequaywan Lakes Association, which predated the organized township, later transferred the land to the township. This 34 acre plot lies near the corner of Rossini Road and Pequaywan Lake Road. Its address is 8914 Pequaywan Lake Road.

Last year the plot was logged with the plan to preserve the standing pines and healthy hardwoods. This year, the township plans to control the new aspen growth with a spray treatment and next year to replant some open areas.

Recognizing the potential for the community to develop this property fitting the original vision of citizen use, a group has formed. Any improvements possible here will only serve to increase the living quality for our residents, year-round and seasonal.

The group has met twice to share dreams and check into reality for this spot. This year’s goals are to move the access road, which sits near a curve on Pequaywan Road, to a better location for safety considerations.

More tantalizing is the creation of a walking path, to be about a mile in length. The township is funding the culverts, dirt, and log moving necessary for these improvements. Volunteers are ready to pitch in when the initial preparations are done.

If you are interested and/or have talents to share, please join in the planning and volunteering. The town board meets every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7:30 PM at the meeting room behind the fire hall.

Contact people are:

Gordy Larsen, 848-8010
Judy Strom (hiking path),

Township Supervisors:

Donald Swanstrom,
Chuck Kuettel,
Douglas Dressen,

Posted on July 13, 2018
Revised on March 31, 2019