Plans for Township Land Parcel

A number of years ago, Al Wilson, a local developer, sold a piece of property to the Pequaywan Lake Association to make the land available to the citizens of Pequaywan. The Pequaywan Lakes Association, which predated the organized township, later transferred the land to the township. This 34 acre plot lies near the corner of Rossini Road and Pequaywan Lake Road. Its address is 8914 Pequaywan Lake Road.

The Township bought the parcel north of the original property in 2020 , for access from the Rossini road.

   Currently, these parcels are used for a tantalizing walking path and access from the Rossini road to our tree/ brush burn pile that is open to the public several times a year.

Township Supervisors:

Donald Swanstrom,
Chuck Kuettel,
Douglas Dressen,

Posted on July 13, 2018
Revised on January 20, 2022