Resolution 2020-012: Supporting Mail Voting for November 2020 General Election


WHEREAS, the Pequaywan Town Board, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, offers this resolution in support of mail balloting for the November general election;

WHEREAS, due to the pandemic, voting in a building would have the voters and election judges subject to becoming infected with COVID-19;

WHEREAS, the Town Board feels this action is in the public interest of voters and election judges in Pequaywan Township,

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED; that the Pequaywan Town Board does hereby support the voting for the November general election by mail.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED the supervisors support this resolution with the following signatures and attested to by the town clerk.

Adopted by the Pequaywan Board of Supervisors this 29th day of July 2020.

Approved by Supervisors Charles Kuettel, Douglas Dressen and Don Swanstrom; and attested by Clerk Lita Wallace