Resolution 2020-015: Accepting the Cares Grant


WHEREAS, the Town of Pequaywan hereby acknowledges that St. Louis County Board passed resolution 20-457 on September 22, 2020, using the default allocation mechanism as determined by the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State;

WHEREAS, the sum of $449.00 will be provided by the county to the municipality under the CARES Act grant to which the county is the Grantee;

WHEREAS,  the Town of Pequaywan acknowledges that it is subject to the provisions of paragraphs 1 through 5, 7 through 11 and 13 through 15 of the 2020 CARES Act Grant Agreement as if it were the Grantee.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Town of Pequaywan, hereby adopt a resolution for accepting the CARES grant in the amount of $449.00.

Adopted by the Pequaywan Board of Supervisors this 3rd day of October 2020.

Approved by Supervisor Charles Kuettel and attested by Clerk Lita Wallace