Resolution 2019-006: State Deed Application for Tax-Forfeited Land


WHEREAS, Minn. Statutes Section 282.01 subd. 1a.par (e)) – Conditional Use Deed Supplement requires the Pequaywan town board, as the governing body of the town, adopts a resolution to apply for state deed for tax-forfeited land located at Part of E1/2 of SE 1/4 EX that part lying W of the centerline of New Highway 44 south of Rossini Road, TWP 54 Rng12 Sec 8, Property Identification Number for requested property, part of 502-0020-02720;

WHEREAS, be it known that there is no wells on the property;

 WHEREAS, the market value of requested property is + – 12,000;

WHEREAS, the property will be used for road or right-of-way- for a road and trails;

 WHEREAS, the property will be used to provide passage to Pequaywan Township, St. Louis County, Minnesota property to access a public burn pile, and to provide land to be used by the township for a walking/running trail within three years;

WHEREAS, the property will be maintained by Pequaywan Township rather than left idle;

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Town Board of Pequaywan, St. Louis County, Minnesota, hereby adopt a resolution to present an application for conveyance of tax-forfeited land to the St. Louis County Board.

Adopted this 9th day of April, 2019.

Approved by Supervisor Charles Kuettel and attested by Clerk Lita Wallace.