August 14, 2018 | Township Board Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 8:50 p.m. by Chair Donald Swanstrom.


Board members: Chair Donald Swanstrom, Vice-Chair Scott Mead, Supervisor Charles Kuettel, Treasurer Raymond G. Barnes, Clerk Lita Wallace

Number of resident/s present: 9
Number of non-resident present: 1

Clerk’s Report

Motion to approve July Minutes by Mead, second by Kuettel, motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report

JULY 2018

Total Cash on hand as of 07/01/2018 – $255,161.49
Plus: Deposits – $19,770.49
Less Disbursements (July) – $1388.31
Total Cash on hand as of 07/31/2018 – $273,543.67
July Check # 1354 – 1362


Claims – $5514.49
August Check # 1363 – 1373

Motion to approve July Treasurer’s Report and August Claims by Mead, second by Kuettel, motion carried.

Old Business

  • Countywide Comprehensive Plan – Mead went to the meeting and reported that if a township has a comprehensive plan, the county will work with the township. If not, the county will decide for the township. If we ever need assistance, there are grants available but we will need a comprehensive plan and an outside moderator to represent us.
  • Burnt Pile – Since we do not have a gravel pit this year, we can piggy back on North Star’s burnt pile but it is maxed out right now. We can also make arrangements later if they make a burn. Another possibility is a burn pit north of North Star FD but it will be expensive as they require that both North Star and Pequaywan Fire Departments be present during the burn. As of this time, still unsure about the possibility of using the firefit in Rossini. It will depend on the county.
  • Township Land – Motioned by Kuettel, seconded by Mead to spray Poplar trees from the 34 acres of township land @ $90 per acre, estimate total of $3,060.00 by the company, Future Forest. Furthermore, Mead mentioned that DNR suggested to plant Red Pine and White Pine instead of Maple and Oak. Mead also mentioned that he will research more about replacement trees.

New Business

  • Wallace requested for approval to train election judges (Bonnie Dressen, Marialice Arndt and Daryle Waldriff) – Motion by Kuettel, second by Mead, motion carried.
  • Wallace requested to appoint election judges/head election judge for the November General Election (Katherine Sluka, Bonnie Dressen, Lita Wallace) – motion by Swanstrom, second by Kuettel, motion carried.



  • Letter from St. Louis County Office of the Sheriff stating that the physical address assigned to the township land is 8914 Pequaywan Lake Road Duluth MN 55803
  • Letter from St. Louis County Planning and Community Development Department re-permits issued for the 1st half of 2018
  • Email from St. Louis County Office of the Sheriff requesting townships and cities affected by storms from June 16 to July 12 to submit damage assessment
  • Email from St. Louis County Elections stating ballots and other election materials are ready for pick-up
  • Email from housed in Boca Raton, Florida requesting payroll information of employees under Minnesota Data Practice Act. Barnes mentioned that North Star also received the same request and it is kind of fishy. We will need to verify the company so this will be put on hold.
  • Map of the township from St. Louis County


  • Email to St. Louis County Elections re-Katherine Sluka’s certificate for completion of election training on July 26, 2018

Public Comment

  • John Wilson, a resident of the township, provided documents that he acquired from the county, regarding the history of sale from his father to the township. In lieu of an announcement by Pequaywan Lakes Association that it was purchased from his father, John is requesting a correction statement that “The land was donated by his father but to make it legal, a dollar amount is required. So, the land was gifted for $1.00. John is also requesting for a plaque to be placed on the land in honor of his father. He is willing to pay for it, maybe something made of  aluminum stand on a concrete floor. Mead motion, Kuettel second, motion carried.

Next Meeting:

Tuesday, September 11, 7:30 p.m., Pequaywan Fire Department, 8764 Pequaywan Lake Road

Mead motion to adjourn at 10:00 p.m., second by Kuettel, motion carried.

Respectfully submitted by,
Lita Wallace, Town Clerk