January 12, 2010 Township Board Meeting

Present:  Mark Freeman, Rick Fry, Scott Mead, Keith Stoneburner

9 residents

Next meeting set for February 9, 2010

Old business:

Supervisor Fry inquired to Treasurer Stoneburner on the fees for road plowing. Answer is that we are billed per mile, so varies, but last two payments were about $800 and $1000 in June and December respectively.

New business:

Supervisor Mead mentioned he would attend a meeting on 1/13/10 @ the EPA on aquatic invasive species.

Resident Wasnick said his plat is complete for the land and that the DNR may contact him next week regarding his land.

The board and residents discussed a letter from St. Louis County regarding a contract for striping the township roads.  Decided it was not necessary this year.

PVFD Fire Chief John Lucia and Treasurer Rick Johnson discussed the PVFD 2010 annual budget and made a request for an additional $4,500 to be given to the dept from the township for the 2010 year to cover a budgeted shortfall.  This is in addition to the $9,500 approved at the annual meeting March 2009.  After some discussion, Treasurer Stoneburner recommended that the topic get re-visited in June when a more accurate picture of 2010 financial situation is available.  This was agreed upon.

Resident Sluka mentioned an article regarding Limited Market Values currently used in property tax calculation and that this benefit is set to expire.  It was mentioned to contact the State Representative if you desire to.

Meeting adjourned.