July 11, 2017 | Township Board Meeting

Meeting was called to order by Chair Scott Mead at 7:30 p.m.

Present: Supervisors Scott Mead, Lee Kaplan, Donald Swanstrom, Treasurer Ray Barnes and Clerk Lita Wallace. Number of residents (2) – non-residents (2)

Clerk’s Report:  Copies of June Minutes were provided for those present to review. Motioned to approve by Don and seconded by Lee, motion carried. Scott yay, Lee yay, Donald yay .

Treasurer’s Report:

252,925.58        Total Cash on-hand as of 5/31/2017
207.59        Plus: Deposits
     1,417.62        Less: Disbursements
251,715.55        Total Cash-on hand as of 6/30/2017

Claims: Check numbers 1267-1272 in the amount of $956.40.

Motioned to approve by Don and seconded by Lee, motion carried. Scott yay, Lee yay, Donald yay .

Old Business

  • Update on West Branch Road widening bid – Supervisors plan to contact three companies to get competitive bids for widening the road and for potentially taking sections in need of repair down to gravel. The project of widening of the road is necessary for enabling the county to plow the road this winter. We would schedule the more extensive repair project into the future, depending on the cost. However, since it’s likely that the same companies would be capable of doing both types of work, it would be good to get an estimate for the major repair project so we’d have a better idea of how to finance this project (through future tax levies, borrowing or a mixture of both).
  • Logging in the Township Land – Waste Wood Recylers is wrapping up the project. There is only one equipment left to move. We might need to put a “Keep Out” sign or “No Motorized Vehicles” next year in those areas where trees are seeded. The company paid the township $1.00 per contract.
  • Fireworks – an email and letter was sent regarding fireworks use during July 4th celebration.
  • Kaspersky – Ray Barnes explained the safety and advantages of using the software.
  • Microsoft Word – Ray suggested not to extend the current Microsoft Office 365 contract as the only advantage is to be able to use extra functions that both Clerk and Treasurer do not use. It is more advantageous and cheaper to buy the software and install on the computers. There will be no annual contract to be paid. Supervisors approved the purchase of the software.

New Business

  • Changing Timesheet form/process for Treasurer and Clerk – supervisors agreed that treasurer and clerk do not need to fill out a spreadsheet and only need to submit the hours worked and other expenses to the Treasurer.


  • Received: Invoice from St. Louis County Public Works re-work done on the culvert on March 29, 2017 in the amount of $83.15
  • Sent: None

Public Comment: None

Meeting was motioned to adjourn at 8:00 p.m. by Lee, second by Don, motion carried, (Scott yay, Lee yay, Donald yay).

Next Meeting: August 8, 2017, 7:30 p.m. Pequaywan Fire Department, 8764 Pequaywan Lake Road

Submitted by:
Lita Wallace, Town Clerk