July 12, 2011 Township Board Meeting

Present:  Mark Freeman, Scott Mead, Rick Fry

Absent: Keith Stoneburner

7 residents present

Next meeting set for August 9, 2011

Old business:

Hwy 44 road speed issue: Discussion of having 40 mph warning signs coming from the south.

Logging of township land: Logger Johnson gave a quote, Freeman will get more concrete information on the contract.

New tax assessor: Jan Jackson and son Larry attended the meeting to present themselves as a choice in the new assessor decision. Question asked after they left the meeting on if they are bonded for their job as assessor.

Broadband/Internet: Citizen Helgen is creating a flyer in difference between current and high-speed. An interest survey needs to be completed as part of being included in the Lake county internet upgrade.

New business:

A resident asked if the township would draft a letter to the St. Louis County asking them to resurface Jean Duluth Rd. Mead is to draft the letter.

3 citizens did a view of the two Pequaywan lakes for water iris plants in the lakes. A couple clumps were found in big Pequaywan and many more in little Pequaywan.

Meeting adjourned.