March 14, 2017 | Township Board Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 by Chair Scott Mead.

Attendance: Supervisors Scott Mead, Lee Kaplan and Donald Swanstrom; Treasurer Kim Hand; and Clerk Lita Wallace. Number of resident/s present –10; Number of non-resident/s present – 1

Clerk’s Report  – Copies of the minutes were provided to attendees. Scott motioned to approve the February 2017 minutes, second by Lee, motion carried. (Scott yay, Lee yay, Donald yay)

Treasurer’s Report

$246,774.52  Total cash on-hand as of 1/31/17
$     4,402.77  Deposits
$     1,997.14  Expenditures
$249,180.15  Total cash on-hand as of 2/28/17

Scott motioned to approve the Treasurer’s Report, second by Lee, motion carried. (Scott yay, Lee yay, Donald yay)

 Old Business

  • Submission of CTAS 2016 Annual Report to State of Minnesota Auditor’s Office – Kim reported that it has been submitted. Deadline is March 31, 2017.
  • March 14 Town Election results – Donald Swanstrom won the election for Supervisor, and Option B to Appoint a Town Treasurer was voted to pass. Just a note that an effort was made to solicit and publicize an opening for the treasurer position via newsletter, word of mouth and township webpage but no one came forward.
  • West Branch Road widening – the county reiterates that they will not plow snow until the turnaround is widened. The estimated cost is $30,000.00. A further discussion about this issue was conducted during the March Annual Meeting.

New Business

  • 2017 Local Board of Appeal & Equalization (LBAE) – April 26, 2017, 5:00-6:00 p.m., Pequaywan Fire Hall
  • Transition of duties, Treasurer – With the passing of Option B in the ballot, Raymond Barnes, the treasurer at the Town of North Star, has agreed to work as treasurer for a term of two years. He has the knowledge needed for the position and will not need training.
  • Terms of office for town officers elected at March Township elections begins on March 24, 2017
  • Scott reported that Donald Swanstrom is the town’s Weed Inspector.



  • Six Absentee Ballot requests; SLCAT (St, Louis County Association of Townships) – (1) January meeting minutes, (2) February Agenda , (3) Lobby Day, (4) Annual Election;
  • Elections Department St. Louis County – (1) Master List of eligible voters for Pequaywan Township, (2) Absentee Ballot materials
  • Duluth Area Township – Agenda and Minutes for January meeting
  • Land & Minerals Dept, Government Services Center – 2017 MDA Noxious Weed List
  • Email notification and payment of $2,316 to the township from St Louis County for 2016 Taconite Production Tax-2017 Distribution

SENT: Six Absentee Ballots  by postage mail

Claims:  Checks #1115 to 1119 in the total amount of $1,997.14

Public Commenta resident asked who manages the town webpage.  She commented that an individual was having an issue finding the minutes on the town website and asked if there is a deadline on when minutes are put on the web. Lita Wallace responded that she enters Agenda and Minutes and Lee Kaplan manages the rest of the webpages. She also advised the resident on where to easily find the information and that there is no deadline on when minutes are put on the web but it is normally within a week.

Next Meeting: April 11, 7:30 p.m., Pequaywan Fire Department, 8764 Pequaywan Lake Road

Motioned to Adjourn by Scott at 9:12 pm., seconded by Don. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted
Lita Wallace, Pequaywan Town Clerk