October 13, 2009 Township Board Meeting

Present:  Mark Freeman, Rick Fry, Scott Mead

7 residents

Next meeting set for November 10, 2009

Financial report available for viewing

Old business:

Regarding resolution for public access: Mead attended a seminar in Walker, MN that discussed the issues of public access on lakes.  Came away with much information, but discouraged by the comments of the public officials that attended the seminar.

The Smokey the Bear sign has been removed from its’ place on the hill.  There was discussion on whether it should be restored and who it actually belongs to/if there is any right to removing the marker.

New business:

Freeman received a call from a forester that will be clearing some land in the area.  The forester asked if the township was interested in having their land logged also.  The forester is to get back to Freeman with more details after an aerial view is done of the land.

Fry commented on reminding residents to obtain building permits from the county when building on your land.

November 1st is Kids Halloween Party, 4 pm at Pequaywan Inn

Meeting adjourned.