September 13, 2011 Township Board Meeting

Present:  Mark Freeman, Scott Mead, Rick Fry, Keith Stoneburner

6 residents present

Next meeting set for October 11, 2011

Old business:

Logging of township land: Contract was signed. Copy was given to clerk for township file.

New tax assessor: Motion made and passed to use St. Louis County as the tax assessor service for this year. Clerk to give notice to Jan Jackson on the township decision.

Broadband/Internet: Letters/questionnaires ready to mail out. Emailed questionnaires out to those they could. Receipts turned in for postage and printing fees.

Leashing/controlling dogs: St. Louis County stated there are no leash laws to Freeman.

New business:

DNR was on Pequaywan Lake taking samples for water, vegetation, zebra mussels, spiny water fleas, Eurasion milfoil. Mead asked for a report copy of the results.

Meeting adjourned.