September 12, 2006 Special Township Meeting


Supervisors Present: Mark Freeman, Rick Fry, Brian Landstrom

Keith Stoneburner, Treasurer

Others: Marialice Arndt, Township Clerk

7 Residents

The meeting was called to order by Supervisor Rick Fry at 9:10 PM

Fry reiterated that the Township is considering requesting St Louis County Planning Commission to rezone all Resident 5 lakes to Resident 4 to restrict compressed development on smaller, shallow lakes. This would change new building requirements to be 4.5 areas and 300 feet of shoreline frontage (current Res 4 is 2.5 acres and 200 feet frontage). The most recent discussions with the DNR advises that Pequaywan is heading in the right direction and the Planning and Zoning advised that this is being discussed to be done at the county level but in 2-3 years time. Planning and Zoning advised that it was improbable to consider going from Resident 5 to Wild and Scenic zoning, as discussed at the August meeting, but that it would be considered reasonable to request rezoning from Resident 5 to Resident 4. Comments were heard that they felt that this issue will likely intensify statewide and also that it should be something done at the County level. After discussion it was agreed that a draft would be presented to Mark Johnson of the St. Louis County Planning and Zoning to get his input. The matter will be discussed at the regular October Town Meeting.