August 8, 2006 Township Board Meeting

Supervisors Present: Mark Freeman, Rick Fry

Excused: Keith Stoneburner, Brian Landstrom

Others: Marialice Arndt, Township Clerk

11 Residents

The meeting was called to order by Chair Freeman at 7:30 PM.

Regular Business

July board minutes read and approved by Supervisors Freeman & Fry.

Treasurer Report

Treasures report approved by Freeman & Fry.

Old Business

County Yard Waste Management Site Dates Set

Saturday September 2nd Hours 12:00-4:00

Saturday October 21st Hours 10:00-2:00

Saturday May 5th Hours 10:00-2:00

Saturday June 9th Hours 12:00-4:00

It was agreed that residents of the Unorganized Township and Pequaywan Township would have access to this waste management site. Accepted items will be leaves, grass clippings, pine needles, twigs/branches no larger than 8″ in diameter. Any material brought to site in bags must be empted and bags removed. No stumps, no roots, no trees allowed. There will be zero tolerance of abuse of this program – if abuse occurs the site will be closed to all residents.

Internet Access to Township Meetings

Surrounding Townships were called and very few of them offered internet access. The citizen that had requested the postings on the internet was called by Chair Freeman and after discussion he felt the citizen thought that postings of public meetings on and the available of requesting copies from the Town Clerk was sufficient. Any citizen can request copies by providing a written request to the Town Clerk and at the expense of twenty-five cents per page. Minutes can also be viewed at the VFD by making arrangements with the Town Clerk.

Town Sign Update

Bob Hirsch has advised that materials have been ordered and he has been paid half of his bid. A second bid will be necessary to include an enclosed space below the original sign. His lead time is to be 4-6 weeks.

PVFD Polling Place Construction Update

The contract for the improvements has been signed by the appropriate staff at the state level and work will be completed ASAP.

New Business

Approval of St Louis County All Hazard Mitigation Plan

Tabled until the September meeting. Freeman will discuss with Fire Chief John Lucia about the necessity of this approval and report back in September.

Grant Writing Seminars Offered Through MN Council on Foundations

Arndt presented information about beginner courses being offered by MN Council on Foundations for grant writing. Arndt advised that perhaps some staff from the Township should consider taking the course and also provided a copy of information for the VFD. Arndt was advised that any training applicable to the township duties is permissibly and to review upcoming class dates if she wishes to attend.

Auto Mark Voting Machine Insurance

Arndt was advised to discuss insurance of the Auto Mark voting machine with treasurer Stoneburner.


Educational Conference and Annual Meeting of the MN Association of Townships to be held at the DECC November 16-18, 2006

Meeting Dates

September Monthly Meeting September 12th 7:30 PM

Special Public Meeting September 12th at approximately 8:30

∙ Freeman moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:55 PM. Fry seconded, motion carried.