August 8, 2006
Special Township Meeting

Supervisors Present: Mark Freeman, Rick Fry

Excused: Keith Stoneburner, Brian Landstrom

Others: Marialice Arndt, Township Clerk

13 Residents

The meeting was called to order by Supervisor Rick Fry at 7:55 PM

As the result of development of additional lots on King Lake, concerned citizens brought to the Township the topic of zoning to restrict compressed development on smaller, shallow lakes. Fry has reported that to initiate the process of possible rezoning a Special Meeting was to be held seeking citizen input and subsequently a resolution from the Township requesting the County to consider our requests. St Louis County has encouraged the Township to consider this process but acknowledges that it is a very political topic. Town Board discussed that they would be more comfortable with the knowledgeable staff of DNR and St Louis County Planning and Zoning making any rezoning decisions. Citizens commended that it is the responsible of the Township to protect our community and another comment was that perhaps the rezoning topic was directed back to the Township as local officials would be more informed of the local lakes . Fry has made numerous calls and still has not deemed what standards should be considered for each zoning and what density would be appropriate. A zoning category of Wild and Scenic was discussed. Citizens commented that common sense would tell us that less dense development on smaller, shallow lakes would be best for the community and the health of the lake and the environment.

After discussion it was determined that Fry will make additional phone calls to the Planning and Zoning Department and the DNR to clarify various issues. It was also suggested that he contact Morse County who has gone through the rezoning process. A second Special Meeting will be called on September 12th after the regular monthly meeting. Fry will seek names of the appropriate people to invite to that meeting to provide information on this complicated issue and these names will be provide to Clerk Arndt and a formal request and invitation will be made.

Prepared by Marialice Arndt, Clerk