July 11, 2006 Township Board Meeting

Supervisors Present: Mark Freeman, Rick Fry, Brian Landstrom (arrived at 7:50)

Treasurer Excused: Keith Stoneburner

Others: Marialice Arndt, Township Clerk

7 Residents

The meeting was called to order by Chair Freeman at 7:30 PM.

Regular Business

June board minutes read and approved by Supervisors Freeman & Fry.

Treasurer Report

Treasures report approved by Freeman & Fry.

Old Business

Township Sign

Bob Hirsch submitted bid for construction of new town sign. The design consists of metal framing and magnetic lettering and a decorative design at the top. This design and the design submitted by Highland Signs were discussed.

∙ Landstrom moved to authorized the expenditure for a new town sign from Bob Hirsch asking that he modify the design to include a weather proof section for postings. Freeman seconded the motion. All ayes, motion carried.

Advisory Speed sign

Fry advises that after discussion with the county that we reconsider advisory signs on West Branch Road. It is possible that if Pequaywan puts up signs it can be construed to mean that we make these areas official walkways/bikepaths/atv accessible and could be considered liability if accidents occur. It was noted that private residents can put up signs if they choose on their property. No action taken .

Grant Application

Pequaywan was awarded the HAVA grant for polling place handicap accessible improvements in the amount of $7,045.00. The award if for parking and paving in the amount of $3,650 (400 sq ft concrete), $520.00 for signs, and $2,875.00 for auto HYD closer entry door and lockset. Application for funds to upgrade vanity, install grab bars, and refinish wall and floor at the old vanity location was not granted. The work has however been authorized to complete the handicap accessible construction at the PVFD.

County Yard Waste Management Site

The Agreement for Yard Waste Management between St Louis County and Pequaywan Township was read and discussed. As the Agreement reads materials allowed will be grass clipping, leaves, pine needles, branches and twigs. No trees, roots, or stumps will be accepted. The Board determined that a maximum diameter of 8″ for branches will be allowed. It is cautioned that there will be zero tolerance for abuse of this site and if abuse is noted the site will no longer be made available to any residents. To start with the program will offer two dates in the fall and two dates in the spring. Appropriate dates will be discussed at the July 22 Pequaywan Lake Association Meeting. As the material dries and as the contract reads the site needs to be burned and the fire department has informally agreed to do the burning.


It was determined that a public meeting will be held on August 8th immediately after the regular town meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss rezoning of R5 lake properties to R4. Lakes affected will be listed at that time and a resolution to present to the County will be drafted.

Arndt was directed to post a public notice of the special meeting.

New Business

Township Prize Donation for 2006 MAT Annual Conference

The request for a township prize donation to the 2006 MAT Annual Conference was tabled.

Correspondence from Title Companies

Arndt advised that a conversation was had with the former clerk and it was determined that as the township does no improvements on properties and therefore there are no outstanding payments that a response of “ None” and “No Township Improvements” should be made and forms mailed back to the title companies.

Fire Training

∙ Freeman moved to endorse the IS700 National Incident Management System. Landstrom seconded. All ayes, motion carried.

A 4 hour training for the VFD was recently held and it was learned that in order for the Fire Department to remain eligible for grant funding a resolution endorsing the IS700 NIMS was necessary. The IS700 NIMS is a management plan on how to deal with a national incident.

Board Minutes on the Internet

An email from a seasonal resident was read by Arndt. It requested that the Board Minutes be placed on the internet to make it easier for all residents, especially those who are not able to attend the meetings, to have access to the business discussed at the meetings. Discussion was had that it be appropriate for only approved minutes to be posted, that a tighter reporting fashion of minutes might be necessary, and it was also discussed that to have full control that a township (or other government entity) site should be where the minutes be posted. Board members will research how other townships handle this issue and the matter will be discussed at the August meeting.


A resident reported that after a minor incident on Birch Knoll Drive that the US Postal Service will no longer drive up to the individual homes on Birch Knoll Drive. Mail had been delivered previously for many years. He didn’t expect action but wanted the Board to be made aware of the issue.

Meeting Dates

August Monthly Meeting August 8th 7:30 PM

Special Public Meeting August 8th at approximately 8:30

∙ Freeman moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:40 PM. Landstrom seconded, motion carried.