June 13, 2006 Township Board Meeting

Supervisors Present: Mark Freeman, Rick Fry, Brian Landstrom

Treasurer Present: Keith Stoneburner

Others: Marialice Arndt, Township Clerk

3 Residents

The meeting was called to order by Chair Freeman at 7:30 PM.

Regular Business

May board minutes read and approved by Supervisors Freeman & Landstrom.

Treasurer Report

Treasures report approved by Freeman & Fry.

Old Business

911 Address Signs

Sharon Lewerer, Information Specialist, at the non-emergency 911 number 218-726-2920, addressing division at St Louis County advises that if residents request 911 signs they would cost $25.00. Pequaywan board discussed safety and felt that fire fighters and first responders are not hindered by current signage and suggest residents that wish to have the new style sign contact the County for assistance.

Township Sign

Freeman will contact local resident Bob Hirsch to see if he could produce and if he would be interested in developing a new town sign. Also, Mike Degrio, of Northern Graphics & Highland Signs ( 727-1294 or 722-7086) has been met with and will produce a graphic layout and email a couple of designs for a new sign. The graphics will be reviewed at the July meeting along with discussing response from Hirsch.

Advisory Speed sign

Fry will check with County about proper placement of signs cautioning drivers of children at play, bikers, ATV riders, and walkers.

∙ Landstrom moved to authorize Fry to purchase signs cautioning drivers of children at play, bikers, ATV riders and walkers to be placed on West Branch Road. Freeman seconded the motion. All ayes, motion carried.

Grant Application

The HAVA grant for polling place handicap accessible was to have been awarded on June 7th. The administrator of the grant was contacted on June 13th and she advised that the final decisions had not been made yet and a letter would be mailed on Friday June 16th.

∙ Fry moved to accept John Lucia’s proposal as written for the handicap accessible improvements. Freeman seconded the motion. All ayes, motion carried.

∙ Fry moved to authorize the handicap accessible improvements to be done after notification of HAVA grant award. Freeman seconded. All ayes, motion carried.

County Yard Waste Managment Site

A call was made to the South St Louis Count Land Manager John Thompson at 218-625-3700 (5713 Old Miller Truck Hwy, Duluth, MN 55811) to inquire about an agreement for a yard waste managment site on County property. Forester Roff within that office advised that a letter from Pequaywan making a request for county land use for yard waste management would start the procedure. A copy of the agreement letter that North Star is working under was reviewed to deem the criteria they work under. Roff proposed the gravel pit off Hwy 44 to be a logical site.

∙ Freeman moved to authorize Arndt to write a letter requesting the use of County land for a yard waste management site for the residents of Pequaywan. Landstrom seconded the motion. All ayes, motion carried.

Pequaywan.com Speed advisory

Sue Johnson has honored our request and posted a slow down notice on her website.


Pequaywan supervisors agree to support requesting the County to rezone R5 lake properties to R4 for lakes that are less than 80 acres and are 10′ or less in depth for new construction. This would change the current guidelines of 200′ of shoreline and 2 ½ acres to 300′ frontage and 4 ½ acres. Fry will contact County to confirm procedure of postings for public meeting and this matter will be discussed further at the July town meeting.

Meeting Dates

July Monthly Meeting August 8th 7:30 PM

∙ Freeman moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:30 PM. Landstrom seconded, motion carried.