May 9, 2006 Township Board Meeting

Supervisors Present: Mark Freeman, Rick Fry, Brian Landstrom

Treasurer Present: Keith Stoneburner

Others: Marialice Arndt, Township Clerk Excused

The meeting was called to order by Chair Freeman at 7:30 PM.

Regular Business

April board minutes read and approved by Supervisors Freeman & Landstrom

Treasurer Report

Treasures report approved by Freeman & Landstrom

Old Business

Township Sign

No progress on township sign.

Board of Appeals

Board of Appeals was held On May 3rd with 3 people appealing

Grant Application

Arndt filed a grant application for the handicap access improvements. Town board will wait to see how much of the grant is awarded before getting started on improvement.

New Business/Information Items

Calls will be made to the county for help with proper signage on West Branch Road.

Sue Johnson will be contacted to request placing a notice concerning speed on her website.

A letter will be prepared to be presented to the Lake Association about speed on West Branch Road.

Placement of new style 911 sign is normally initiated by the fire department. No action was taken by the Town Board at this time. Estimated cost of 911 signs is $20,000. Clearing the area around current 911 signs would help with visibility.

The tax overcharge situation has not been resolved. It was suggested that the Township Association attorney be contacted about any problems that might be caused by a zero charge for township taxes next year and to see if there would be any adverse problems.

Meeting Dates

July Monthly Meeting July 11th 7:30 PM

∙ Freeman moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:06 PM. Landstrom seconded, motion carried.

Prepared by Rick Fry, Supervisor