August 11, 2015 | Township Board Meeting

The meeting was called to order by Rick at 7:30 a.m.

Board members – Rick Fry, Scott Mead, Lee Kaplan, Kim Hand, Lita Wallace
Number of residents – 28, non-residents – 10

CLERK’S REPORT – read by Rick. Motioned to approve by Scott, seconded by Lee. Motion carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT (was not read and approved)

July 2015 Treasurer’s Report (not read and not approved)
$247,671.46 Total Cash On-Hand on 6/30/15
       7,892.50 Deposits
–      1,248.20 Expenditures
 $254,315.76  Balance as of 7/31/15


DNR response to 7/17/15 Township letter requesting extension of public input from August 15, 2015 to November 21, 2015, re-metallic mineral lease sale – request was denied.

Discussion on the State’s proposed nonferrous metallic minerals lease sale – Victoria Sellner and Dave Dahl, guest representatives from DNR described the process that will be used in reviewing the lease applications in the unincorporated area to the west of the township. Supervisors and residents requested more notification of future actions on mining leases. Lee will send a request to Victoria Sellner to put Lita’s email address on the “Interested Person’s list for future notification. Folks will have until August 21 to send comments to DNR at Division of Land and Minerals, 500 Lafayette Road, St Paul, MN 55155-4045.

Review of a proposal for a Preliminary Engineering Consultation from Northland Consulting Engineers for road repair at West Branch Road.

The cost of paving the road is estimated at $100,00 to $380,000 depending on the type of repair: patching and fixing the bad areas, or paving the road.

Road Report/Striping – The County will conduct yellow striping in the middle of the road at West Branch Road. They will not do white striping.

Tree give-away project for replanting on the township land at Rossini Road – Logging company has scheduled the project in the fall and we will discuss again about tree planting afterwards. There was a talk about devoting a spot for helicopter landing but instead of being in the logged area, it will most likely be at Pequaywan Lake Road and will require involvement by St Louis County and Pequaywan Fire Department/First Responder.

Laptop update – 2 Dell computers were purchased.

Authorization to grant Superior Choice Credit Union  for the following transactions to open an accounts (e.g., money market, share certificate, savings, checking) :

o   Access account information

o   Endorse checks

o   Make deposits

o   Make transfers

o   Make withdrawals

o   Open accounts

o   Receive mailings (e.g., bank statements)

Motioned by Rick that Kim, Lita and Lee will be signers for the checks, Kim will receive bank statements, Kim or Lee will have the authority to conduct the other listed transactions. Seconded by Lee. Motion carried.

Other Old Business – None


Discussion on vacating the 33-foot lot the State owns on Big Pequaywan Lake – evidently the township has some control over it – Rick motioned to approve a request to vacate the lot. Seconded by Scott. Motion carried. A letter signed by the supervisors will be sent out.

District 10 Meeting and Election – will be held on August 27, 2015 in Grand Lake Townhall, St. Louis County, Highway 53 N in downtown Twig.

Report on Fire Department Sign – Pequaywan Lake Association proposed putting a sign by the road and was originally discussed that the Fire Department and the Association will share the cost of $830.00. However, after careful considerations, the Fire Department decided that they will bear the cost since the sign is located in the property owned by the Fire Department.

2015 Minnesota Election Laws (from the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State Elections Division) new publication – available if anyone is interested to review.

Claims Report totalling  $1567.61.

Other New Business – None


Cleaning brush on the road – Rick suggested to call the County Commissioner’s Office.

A request was made that the supervisors send a letter to St. Louis County Planning and Community Development to support the construction of two wireless internet towers in the township by Coop Light  Power (CLP) and urge the County to approve CLP’s land use application as quickly as possible. – The supervisors agreed to send a letter.

Next meeting: Tuesday,  September 8, 7:30 p.m., Pequaywan Fire Hall

Rick motioned to adjourn at 10:00 p.m., seconded by Scott. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted by,

Lita Wallace, Township Clerk