August 14, 2007 Township Board Meeting

Supervisors Present: Mark Freeman, Rick Fry, Scott Mead

Supervisors Excused: Keith Stoneburner, Treasurer

Others Marialice Arndt, Town Clerk

Approximately 11 residents

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM by Chairman Freeman.

Regular Business

The July board minutes were read and approved by Supervisors Freeman & Fry. All ayes, motion carried.

Treasurer Report

The August treasurer report was available for review.

Road Report

West Branch Road has been stripped by the County. An invoice requesting 95% of the payment was received and paid in the amount of $1696.50. A resident asked if a “no shoulder/soft shoulder” sign should be posted. He was concerned after witnessing a car leave the road. Currently trees are left close to the road to prevent such incidents. Fry will call and request the County to give advice on whether the area would benefit from signage.

Old Business

New Business

Letter has been received from Elections Systems advising that increases in pricing will become effective January 1, 2008. These increases may affect St louis County Auditor’s costs for managing elections and may then be passed on to townships/cities. A call was made to the auditor’s office and we were told that the increase should not be very large and there is still HAVA funds available to handle expenses. Arndt reported that the AutoMark is currently with the County being upgraded and for maintenance. It should be returned by next week.

Brush Day

Brush Day to dispose of yard waste will be Saturday September 15th from 9:00 am to noon. The disposal site is the gravel pit off from Highway 44 near the storage units.

Comprehensive Plan

Mead advises that many townships currently have comprehensive plans. The metro cities are mandated to have such a plan. The plan is to outline the communities goals and vision for the near future. Such planning would be proactive in planning for land useage. Grants that have helped with this process, which could cost around $5,000, are not as available as in the past. Mead advises he will continue looking into the process and funds available

Fireman Relief Fund

Mead advises that he attended the August 1st Fireman Meeting. At that meeting the Relief Fund was increased from a benefit of $400.00 to $475.00. This is a pension fund for the volunteer fireman who receive no other compensation for their service to the community.

Township Resolution

Mead presented a memo for signatures that will be mailed to the County Commissioners. The memo reaffirms the Townships position requesting the Cloquet Valley State Forest be classified as “Limited”. The memo will be mailed in partnership with Ault, Fairbanks, Alden and Gnesen Townships.

Fry asked for point of personal privilege to announce that he will be accepting donations for Breast Cancer in conjunction with the Dragon Boat Festival.

Resort on Little Pequaywan

Fry was called about activity on a property on Little Pequaywan. The property owner is leasing his property out as a resort. Fry called County P & Z and was advised that the property must apply for a conditional use permit. Neighbors within 1/4 mile will be notified and a public hearing will be held.

Environmental Issues

Spotted Knapweed is more prevalent this year. The state has turned the control of noxious weeds over to the County. To request a spray program 51% of the townships in the county must petition for the control spray.

Zebra Mussels are another concern that all residents should be aware of. To prevent spread of the mussel boats and trailers should be cleaned and inspected after boating in other bodies of water.

Residents Questions

It was asked if the gate about 1 mile down West Branch Road would ever be open to traffic. The county has closed that access to traffic and it will remain closed.

An inquiry was made if there was any news about a possible cell phone tower in our area. There was no news to report.

Meeting Dates

September Monthly Meeting September 11th at 7:30 PM.

∙ Freeman moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:05 PM. Mead seconded, motion carried.

Prepared by Marialice Arndt