December 12, 2017 | Township Board Meeting

Call to OrderMeeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Chair Scott Mead.

Present: Chair-Supervisor Scott Mead, Supervisor Lee Kaplan, Supervisor Don Swanstrom, Treasurer Ray Barnes and Clerk Lita Wallace. Others in attendance: two residents and one non-resident.

Clerk’s Report: Minutes of November 14 meeting was presented and reviewed. Motion by Scott to approve the minutes as amended, Don second. Scott yay, Lee yay, Don yay, motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report

November Treasurer’s Report:
Total Cash on hand as of 10/31/2017: $257,575.68
Total Deposits: $220.40
Total Disbursements: $2,466.70
Total Cash on Hand as of 11/30/2017: $255,329.38
November Check # 1290-1296

Don motion to approve the Treasurer’s report, Lee second. Scott yay, Lee yay, Don yay, motion carried.

Old Business

  • Proposal for road repair – Scott had discussion with a company but no updated bid as of
    this time and thereby not able to make any decision.
  • Additional reflectors at the turnaround – still in the process of purchasing additional reflectors. The ground is frozen and what is there now seems to be working.

New Business

  • Brief discussion of cash management plans for the coming year – Lee suggested not to extend the $50,000.00 CD when it matures in September 2018 and instead to put it in Money Market. This will enable the township to use it if needed for road repair. At the Annual Meeting, the township will recommend to keep the levy the same as this year to cover upcoming road repair expenses.
  • Countywide Comprehensive Plan – the county’s plan is to take over all the Land Use Plan for all the townships in the county meaning taking over the rights of the townships.
  • 2018 Town Election – Lita reported that Town election is scheduled on March 13, 2018. One supervisor position is up for voting presently held by Lee Kaplan. Lee stated that he is not planning to run for the position. Filing for candidacy runs from January 2 to January 16, 2018. Instructions and form is available at or contact Lita at
  • LBAE (Local Board of Appeal and Equalization) required certification – Don is certified
  • Approval of December Claims – $1,087.47 47 (includes Workers’ Comp), December Checks # 1297-1304. Lee motioned to pay December Claims as presented, Don second. Scott yay, Lee yay, Don yay, motion carried.



  1. Email and postage mail from St. Louis Co Elections Department re-instructions and important dates for March 13, 2018 Town Election
  2. Workers’ Compensation Renewal Invoice and Audit from Minnesota Association of Townships
  3. Email from St. Louis Co Assessor’s Office reminding townships to have an LBAE Certified supervisor to be in compliance with the MN Department of Revenue
  4. Letter from St. Louis Co. Planning and Community Development Department re-St. Louis Co. Comprehensive Land Use Plan Update


  1. Filled out survey form from the U.S. Department of Commerce requesting information of board members’ salaries during March 2017 payroll period

Public Comment: None

Meeting was motioned to adjourn by Don at 8:00 p.m., second by Scott. Scott yay, Lee yay, Don yay,  motion carried.

Next MeetingJanuary 9, 2018, 7:30 p.m., Pequaywan Fire Department, 8764 Pequaywan Lake Road

Respectfully submitted by,
Lita Wallace, Town Clerk