June 10, 2008 Township Board Meeting

Present:  Mark Freeman, Rick Fry & Scott Mead

Absent: Keith Stoneburner

6 township residents present

Next meeting set for July 8, 2008

May 13th, 2008 meeting minutes read by clerk, approved by board.

Old business:

Condition of the West Branch road and fixing it has been placed on hold due to news that there is expected to be logging off of the West Branch road.  Mark received a 5-6 page notice and will follow-up with concerns/questions to the logging company of 1) Sign notice to those driving on the West Branch road because of the limited shoulders and tight turns  2) More explanation on the wording of “damage to road”  3) If they re-plant trees.

The county attorney and county health dept. seem to be getting involved in the resort property sale on little Pequaywan.  There may be potential issues of splitting the land because of current lot length.

Residents came to the board with information on the discussions they have had with each other on the sale of property on E. Shore Rd. and all seems to be moving along fine.  Verbal agreements were made by residents that there is an understanding of the purchase plan.  The resident group has not heard from the county on status of the purchase.

New business:

Concern brought up on defining the right-of-way of road the last ½ to ¾ mile of West Branch road.  It was discussed to hire a law firm to help with the matter of determining what is public vs. private.

Scott asked the board for their “ok” to have a recognition made to the Pequaywan Township at the Pequaywan Association picnic this summer for the 150 year celebration of Minnesota.  The board approved.

Mention made for the annual Pequaywan Fire Dept pancake feed at Fire Hall on July 6th.

Motion made by Mark Freeman to adjourn the Meeting, 2nd by Scott. Motion approved.