July 8, 2008 Township Board Meeting

Present:  Mark Freeman, Rick Fry, Scott Mead, Keith Stoneburner

2 township residents present

Next meeting set for Aug 12, 2008

June 10th, 2008 meeting minutes read by clerk April Smitke, approved and 2nd by board.

Old business:

Condition of the West Branch road and fixing it has been started again with the answers given below on the logging.  We are waiting on calls back from asphalt companies.

Logging status: Mark received a 5-6 page notice and will follow-up with concerns/questions to the logging company of 1) Sign notice to those driving on the West Branch road because of the limited shoulders and tight turns; ANSWER – Yes, they will do sign notice. 2) More explanation on the wording of “damage to road”; ANSWER – They have not dealt in the past with township roads and in looking at the current road condition, they have decided to make it a complete winter project. 3) If they re-plant trees; ANSWER – One area of the clearing is Aspen that should come up on their own, the other part that is not Aspen they will not plant on.  They would need to get a 5- year easement from the land owner to follow-up on the re-planting.

Old Resort update is that the land is platted for 2 septic.  The understanding is that one will go on southside, another by the old cabin.  The progress going forward seems legitimate.

Issue of defining the right-of-way of road the last ½ to ¾ mile of West Branch road was briefly discussed with a lawyer.  Township stance at this point is to not progress any further unless brought directly to the board for assistance.

New business:

The water level of the lakes was brought up as a possible point of concern to send to St. Louis County on a request from them to townships.  Scott was to bring up the issue at the next Pequaywan Assoc. meeting.

Meeting adjourned by Mark, 2nd by Scott.

OUT OF MEETING NOTATION: Due to the Primary election scheduled to be held September 9th, 2008, townships are not allowed to hold meetings between 6pm – 8pm.  Therefore the September 9th township meeting will begin at 8:15 for this meeting only.