November 13, 2007 Township Board Meeting

Meeting called to order at 7:30 by Freeman

Supervisors Mead, Freeman, and Fry present

Clerk Arndt and Treasurer Stoneburner Excused

Minutes read and approved Freeman & Mead

Treasurers report available for review

Old Business:

Resort on Little Pequaywan still appears available for rent.

Trail to bear lake currently not included with state trail.

Comp plan possible funding from sea grant program. Possible Jessie Shomberg come in January possible no charge for study UMD. Mead to check on this.

New Business:

Should West Branch be listed as not part of trail system?

Supervisor Mead attended county twp meeting.

St. Louis County Solid waste will accept without charge, appliances, used oil, batteries, tires and wheels small fluorescent lamps. Small fee for tv, monitors, keyboards, cpu and 8 foot fluorescent lamps.

Lake rental problems not confined to Pequaywan. Same issue is happening on Lake Vermillion.

Weed control is a real problem for County. Petition for putting spotted Knapweed on advise on noxious weed list. Spotted knapweed toxic, will kill small trees.

Discussion on the possible purchase of county property located in area between East Shore Road and Pinewood Road by Pequaywan Township for resale to involved property owners. Board asked for more input to be sure all parties involved in the area, were fully informed that there was the possibility of purchase. Documentation required proving that all parties were approached about the possible purchase. The Township must be guaranteed instant payment to proceed. The property owners will be charged for all legal fees incurred by the township.

DNR to be contacted about the level of Little Pequaywan Lake. Appears to be too high.

Soup and dessert before the next meeting 5:30-7:00

County can mandate weed removal.

Motion to sign petition on listing spotted knapweed made by Fry was approved.

Motion to adjourn by Freeman and seconded by Fry

Meeting adjourned at 8:30