September 9, 2008 Township Board Meeting

Present:  Mark Freeman, Rick Fry, Scott Mead

Absent: Keith Stoneburner

7 residents/guests present

Next meeting set for Oct 14, 2008

Aug 12th meeting minutes read and approved by board.

Old business:

Issue of defining the right-of-way of road the last ½ to ¾ mile of West Branch road: Mark is to have a discussion with a resident involved in the issue.

Water level of the lakes:  Scott is going to contact Amy Loiselle to get some feedback regarding the water level.  He had not heard from her before meeting time.

Issue of low cell phone coverage in the area:  No specific information on a tower, but Scott was told that the best thing to do if a tower is wanted in the area is to call your provider and complain about lack of service.

New business:

Invasive Knapweed – defined by residents & guest from St. Louis County Agriculture Dept as a toxic spreading weed invading the area.  It was explained that there are bugs and grubs that eat the flower and root; also there is spray that is suppose to kill the plant, but is $90/quart.  The guest from the agricultural dept. suggested we ask how St. Louis County will plan to get rid of the weed.  He suggested being proactive and begin on our own to eliminate the weed.  The township supervisors requested to order some of the grubs for next spring to begin the process.

Resident Wasnick requested to the board along with his land surveyor guest that the zoning line move from the old Pequaywan Rd along with the new Hwy 44 (Pequaywan Rd) built, approved by board.  Letter drafted to give written approval.

Meeting was adjourned.