2023 Annual Town Meeting Minutes

2023 Annual Town Meeting Minutes
March 14, 2023

Meeting called to order: Town clerk Amber Cruz called the meeting to order at 8:30 pm. The meeting was held at the Pequaywan Fire Hall.

Attendance: Amber Cruz, Paul Klassen, Douglas Nelson, Carol Nelson, Douglas Dressen, Donald Swanstrom, Daryll Waldriff, Charles Kuettel, Mark Freeman, Richard Arndt, Marialice Arndt, Katie Dekenbach, Dale Brooks, Todd Abernathy, Alicia Abernathy, Bonnie Dressen, Steve Mueller, Lita Wallace, Ted Wallace and Penny Linn

Election of a Moderator: Richard Arndt was nominated by Charles Kuettel to be moderator. The motion was seconded by Steve Mueller, the motion carried by unanimous vote.

Announce the Agenda for the Rest of the Meeting: (moderator, subject to modification by vote of electorate): No change.

Review and Approve 2022 Annual Meeting Minutes (clerk): The clerk provided copies of the 2022 Annual Meeting Minutes. A motion to approve the minutes was provided by Douglas Nelson. The motion was seconded by Bonnie Dressen, the motion carried by unanimous vote.

Reading of Board of Audit Report as posted prior to meeting (clerk): All were in favor of report.

Annual Board of Appeals and Equalization
Scheduled on April 20, 2023, from 3:00 pm to 4:00pm located at the Pequaywan Fire Hall

Results of the Township Election: Clerk Amber Cruz reported that there was one supervisor position open for election. Out of 151 registered voters, 17 votes were received. Douglas Nelson was elected with 12 votes. The other votes were cast as follows: Don Swanstrom 1, Bonnie Dressen 1, and Paul Klassen 3.

Road Report for West Branch Road: Supervisor Doug Dressen reported that there is approximately 9,095 ft left of the road to complete at approximately $800,000. A1 Blacktop will patch holes with a ton of black top once the snow has melted. All were in favor of the report.

Update, suggestions and discussion
Bonnie Dressen stated that she had placed a call to the owner of the church, Rosefall, about using the church as a town hall. The church is having a meeting Memorial weekend and will report to the township afterwards. The township has decided to form a steering committee to oversee this
proposal. The steering committee consists of the following residents: Douglas Dressen, Bonnie Dressen, Douglas Nelson, and Daryll Waldriff. The steering committee will review the report after the church meeting and will report back to the township at a later date.

2024 Levy: Discussion and motion to approve the general levy and any dedicated levies (road and bridges, plus others determined helpful to treat as designated and not just a budget item.) Pequaywan Fire and EMS in the amount of $25,000.00

Summary                                 2024 Levy              2024 Budget
General Fund                         $26,000.00           $26,000.00
Road & Bridges (on-going
maintenance)                        $2,000.00                 $2,000.00
Maintenance Fund             $2,000.00                  $2,000.00
Fire and EMS                        $25,000.00              $25,000.00
Roads & Bridges
(Capitol Reserve)                $5,000.00                  $5,000.00

Total                                         $60,000.00             60,000.00


– It was discussed that Fire & EMS will receive the levied amount in 2 payments.
– Recommended that the Township treasurer and the Fire & EMS treasurer meet yearly to discuss the financial standing of the department.
– Fire & EMS will be more formal in the requests for funds from the Township.
Motion to approve the 2024 Levy was provided by Charles Kuettel. The Motion was seconded by Todd Abernathy. The motion carried 8-7-0.

Other years’ financials
Summary                                             2023 Levy             2023 Budget
General Fund                                     $35,000.00           $35,000.00
Road & Bridges (on-going
maintenance)                                    $2,000.00               $2,000.00
Fire and EMS                                     $18,000.00             $18,000.00
Maintenance Fund                          $2,000.00                $2,000.00
Roads & Bridges
(Capitol Reserve)                            $2,000.00                  $2,000.00
Total                                                    $59,000.00            $59,000.00


Name of Fund Levy 2022 Balance 1/1/2022 Receipts 2022 Disbursements 2022 Balance 12/31/2022
General Fund $18,000.00 $13,639.17 $31,803.57 $18,669.77 $26,772.97
Road and Bridges (On-going Maintenance 3,600.00 9,200.32 5,750.60 3,168.83 11,782.09
Fire & EMS 18,000.00 21,516.08 16,509.20 16,500.00 21,525.28
Building/Property Maintenance Fund 2,000.00 1,500.00 2,000.00 0 3,500.00
Road and Bridges (Capital Reserve) 15,000.00 156,402.96 15,526.19 0 171,929.15
Total Amount $56,600.00 $202,258.53 $71,589.56 $38,338.60 235,509.49

2024 Annual Town Meeting: the state set the Annual Town Meeting on the second Tuesday of March Following the Township Election. The Annual Town Meeting will be held at the Pequaywan Fire Hall. All were in favor of location.

Motion to set monthly Town Board meeting dates and times: Douglas Dressen motion to set the Town Board meeting on the second Tuesday of each month at 7pm. With the meetings to be held at the Pequaywan Fire Hall. The motion was seconded by Charles Kuettel. The motion carried unanimously.

Motion to set Voting Place:
All were in favor of keeping the primary voting place as the Pequaywan Fire Hall.

Motion to set voting times
7:00 am – 8:00 pm., Presidential Nomination Primary Election, Primary Election and General Election
7:00 am – 8:00 pm.., State Election
10:00 am – 8 pm., Special Primary Election and Special General Election
5:00 pm – 8:00 pm., Township Election
Charles Kuettel motioned to set the voting times as listed. The motion was seconded by Douglas Dressen. The motion carried unanimously.

Posting Areas
– Pequaywan Township website: pequaywantownship.org
– Pequaywan Fire and EMS bulletin board
– Pequaywan Inn bulletin board
– West Branch Road Marque
All were in favor by unanimous vote.

General Discussion of Items of Concern
no discussion

All were in favor by unanimous vote. Meeting adjourned at 9:43 pm.

Respectfully submitted by
Amber Cruz, clerk