August 8, 2023, Township Board Meeting Minutes


Town officers: Supervisors Charles Kuettel,  Doug Dressen,  Doug Nelson; Clerk Lita Wallace, Treasurer Carol Nelson,  Deputy Treasurer Ed Potter

Guests:  Bonnie Dressen, Ray Barnes, Scott Mead, Deb Pomroy, Daryle Waldriff, Ted Wallace

 Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by Chair Kuettel at 7:03 p.m.

 Clerk’s Report – Wallace presented the July Meeting Minutes which was motioned by Dressen for approval with correction on adding Bonnie Dressen’s name to the guest list. Seconded by Nelson, motion carried. Kuettel yay, Dressen yay, Nelson yay, 3-0-0.

Treasurer’s Report – C. Nelson presented the Treasurer’s Report. Nelson motioned to approve, Dressen seconded, motion carried. Kuettel yay, Dressen yay, Nelson yay, 3-0-0.

JULY 2023

Total Funds on Hand 7/1/2023 $215,772.96
Plus: Deposits $35,659.05
Interest on Accounts 483.55
First Half Tax Apportionment 34,365.00
State of MN Town Aid $810.50
Less: Disbursements $1,749.78
Payroll 549.03
941 PR Taxes 1,040.09
Other Expenses 160.66
Total Funds on Hand 7/31/2023 $249,682.23
Checks Written #1914 – #1923
Check Voided #1918


Claims (August) $1,420.91
Checks Written #1924-#1929
Expected Receipts MN DNR Payment in lieu of taxes
Taconite Production taxes
No transfers to the Checking Account will be needed

Nelson motioned to approve, Dressen seconded, motion carried. Kuettel yay, Dressen yay, Nelson yay, 3-0-0.

Old Business

  • Update on the West Branch Road:1. Report from Nelson – The meeting with Steve Krasaway of St. Louis County was held on July 20. All three township supervisors were in attendance. Steve indicated that our township road #2412 was not a viable candidate for the chip and seal program offered by the county because there were too many issues with potholes, oversized cracking and missing blacktop on the edges. He also said the county normally considers the useful life of Asphalt Road to be about 20 to 30 years old. Our road was probably built in 1992 or 1993 at a cost of $75,000.00 according to the notes of past meetings I could find making our road about 30 years old. His educated guess at replacement cost today would probably be about $500,000.00. That could be reduced if someone set up a batch plant and was doing other roads in the vicinity. Steve also indicated that we probably would not qualify for any grants or aid from the state or federal government because of the limited usage. This leaves the township with the task of repairing and maintaining the road as best we can within our resources. I will continue to contact other contractors. In this month’s issue of Minnesota Association of Township Insider Magazine, there is a mention of financial help with culver replacement which I intend to investigate further to see if we can get a grant to help cover our costs.
    2. Report from Dressen: Googled blacktopping a road in MN and found the average cost per foot is $70.00 to $170.00 per foot.  That is $370.00 to $900,000.00 per mile.   The township has 2.3 miles of road to do. Pequaywan township would have to spend over a million dollars to repair our 2.3 miles on West Branch.  That money would come from all the taxpayers on this lake and in the township. John Wilson has stated that West Branch Rd was intended to simply be an access to the cabins his father built.  It never did have the usual foundation prepared to put down a paved road. Communication by phone to County Traffic Engineer Victor Lund in 2019 was to determine West Branch would be classified as a 5 ton or 7 ton road.  I pushed for 7 ton so garbage and propane trucks could use the road for residents.  Since then, much larger vehicles and pieces of equipment have been hired by residents using the road beyond that 7 ton listed capability. Pequaywan has moved from being a cabin lake to a lake bordered by large expensive homes.  Realty records show the last couple of sales were $640,000.00 and $576,400.00.  The Island is currently listed for $599,000. There are three more for sale in the amount of $180,000.00 and mid $340,000.00. Park Point is having the same problem right now. A former Pequaywan resident’s Park Point home was purchased by a large corporation at a huge price. Corporations are pushing private bidders out of home sales so the large investors can use the land for luxury rental properties.  Taxes rise and smaller long time owners can no longer live there. We have to address this problem now before the road is completely gone. The County has already threatened to stop plowing if all the deep potholes were not filled. I’d like the issue presented at the Annual meeting so the Board can get feedback from all township residents on this issue and which of very few options we can use to resolve this important issue.
    3. Nelson motion to hire a contractor to repair West Branch Road for $19,000.00 or under, Kuettel seconded, motion carried. Kuettel yay, Nelson yay, Dressen nay, 2-1-0.
  • Update on the deputy clerk position opening – Wallace reported that no one has applied for the position

New Business

  • Upcoming Pequaywan Lakes Association event: Pequaywan National Night Out is a community social event scheduled on August 12 at 5:00-8:00 p.m. at Pequaywan Inn. Dressen mentioned that he will have a map of the trail.
  • Email from MN Department of Revenue regarding Town Aid Certification states that Pequaywan Township will be receiving $1.621.00 for 2023 and $1,470.00.00 in 2024. C. Nelson mentioned that we already received half of the $1,621.00.
  • Wallace reported that she will be attending the Minnesota Association of Townships “4-Corners” Training for Clerks and Treasurers in Grand Rapids.



  • August Newsletter from St. Louis County Public Health re-Disease Prevention and Control Projects
  • District 10 Meeting and Election on August 24, 2023 Email from Minnesota Association of Townships
  • July 2023 Newsletter from Minnesota Association of Townships
  • Email from Josh Brinkman of St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office re-FEMA spring flooding disaster applicant briefing
  • Email from MN Department of Revenue re-Town Aid Certification Update – 2024 Aid Amounts Posted
  • Email from Minnesota Association of Townships re-the Minnesota Office of Broadband Development’s upcoming regional gatherings in August and September at 17 different locations to discuss funding for broadband infrastructure and the preparation for a plan by each eligible entity for how to achieve internet for all.
  • Email from Minnesota Association of Townships re- Clerk and Treasurer “4-Corners” Training
  • Email from Cathy Roleau re- MAT District 10 Director elections and SLCAT District 10 Candidate Forum
  • Email from Minnesota Association of Townships re-“4-Corners Training for Clerks and Treasurers scheduled on October 5 in Grand Rapids, MN


Public Comment:
This is a courtesy extended to persons wishing to address the Board. No more than one (1) public comment per citizen will be accepted per meeting. A Public Comment information with your name and topic of comments must be submitted to the clerk via email ( three (3) days before the scheduled meeting. Your presentation will be limited to two (2) minutes.

Note: There was no public comment received.

Next Meeting, September 12, 2023, 7:00 p.m., Pequaywan Firehall

Meeting was adjourned at 8:05 p.m. by Nelson, seconded by Dressen, motion carried, Kuettel yay, Dressen yay, Nelson yay, 3-0-0.

Respectfully submitted by,
Lita Wallace, Clerk