February 9, 2021, Township Board Meeting via teleconference

Meeting was called to order at 7:37 p.m. by Charles Kuettel

Town Officers: Supervisor Charles Kuettel, supervisor Donald Swanstrom, supervisor Douglas Dressen, clerk Lita Wallace, treasurer Raymond Barnes, deputy treasurer Lynne Scalzo, and deputy clerk Amber Cruz.
Guests: Daisy Wallace, Bonnie Dressen, Jim Crace, Charmin Thramer, Greg Planting, Ted Wallace

Clerk’s Report
Since the meeting was conducted via teleconference, the supervisors read the January 12, 2021 minutes from the town webpage. Dressen motioned to approve the minutes, seconded by Swanstrom, motion carried, 3-0-0

Treasurer’s Report
Total Funds on hand as of 01/01/2021 (Includes Investments) – $183,114.48
Plus: Deposits – $700.26
Tax Apportionment – $565.18
Filing Fee – $2.00
Interest on Accounts – $133.08
Less: Disbursements (January) – $19,684.06
Payroll – $1,085.44
Insurance – $973.00
Fire Department – $16,500.00
Other Expenses – $1125.62
Total Funds on hand as of 01/31/2021 – $165,130.68
January Check # 1614 – 1626

Claims (February) – $2,323.43
February Check # 1627 – 1635 & 20121
No transfers to the Checking Account will be needed.

Old Business
• File retention- Wallace went over the files in the filing cabinet and took out election materials for shredding and left files that are required for permanent retention; i.e. historical, minutes, and financials. There is a need for the purchase of another filing cabinet. Dressen motioned for the approval of a filing cabinet purchase, the motion was seconded by Swanstrom, motion carried 3-0-0.
• Effective March 10, 2021, Amber Cruz and Lynne Scalzo will take over as clerk and treasurer, respectively, while Wallace will stay as deputy clerk and Barnes as deputy treasurer for one year. Wallace is going to check on the need for Cruz and Scalzo to retake oath of office for new positions.
• March Town election by mail-in balloting: All ballots must be received by the town clerk by 3:00 p.m. on March 9. Envelope must be signed by a witness.
• Opening for an IT to manage trouble shooting the town’s webpages using WordPress: Don mentioned that he received a proposal from a company in Duluth. Daisy Wallace was asked to submit a proposal on the costs/ services she would provide.
• The March 9 Annual Town Meeting will take place in-person at the Pequaywan firehall at 7:30 p.m. with the option to table the meeting and reconvene in May. This meeting is to be followed by the March Town Board Meeting at 8 p.m. and the Board of Canvass Meeting at 8:30 p.m. Swanstrom motioned to approve the location, and time of all the meetings, Dressen seconded, motion carried, 3-0-0. April meetings will be discussed during March meeting.
• Public hearing re-Conditional Use Permit Application for short-term rental of a property located in the township: There is an open hearing at the county on February 11, 2021. Below is the link to access the hearing.

New Business
• Schedule of LBAE Meeting, May 5, 2021, 3:00-4:00 p.m. via teleconference
• Motion to accept upcoming training for elected/appointed town officers Dressen motioned to accept, seconded by Swanstrom, motion carried 3-0-0
• Review future road grants: Scalzo is going to look into the requirements for next year and start working on the application this summer. (see below for more information)


• Email from SLCAT with January meeting agenda scheduled on January 21, 2021
• Email from Office of the State Auditor Government Information Division advising that the 2020 State Auditor CTAS data files and financial statements may now be submitted with a deadline date of March 31, 2021
• Follow-up email from St Louis County Planning and Community Development re-telephone Public Hearing on February 11, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. for a property located at 9335 Pequaywan Lake Road.For info on how to participate, visit the county website at: https://www.stlouiscountymn.gov/departments-a-z/planning-development/boards-committeesLink for the hearing: (Password, case-sensitive is: Planning) https://stlouiscountymn.webex.com/stlouiscountymn/onstage/g.php?MTID=e198a86386337be2e5585ffa0f5908da9
• Email from St Louis County Planning and Community Development Department re-Phase 3 SLC Small Business Covid-19 Relief Grant Guidelines and Application
• January newsletter from Minnesota Association of Townships with advice on conducting March Annual Meeting for COVID-19; CTAS 2021 update; IRS standard mileage rate of $0.56 per mile; Local Road Improvement Program (LRIP) grant application for road improvement projects; schedule of seminar/web online training for town officers
• Email from St Louis County with Master List of voters for March Town Election
• Email from St Louis County re 2020 Annual Township Noxious Weed Report to be filled out and submitted to Land and Minerals Department
• Email from Minnesota Benefit Association re- enrollment period for Group Life and Group Disability Income program for MN Township Officers
• Email from US Census Bureau on Boundary and Annexation Survey (BAS) they are conducting in 2021
• Email from Office of the State Auditor on the availability of CTAS 2021 program for download
• Two (2) Absentee Ballot Application
• Bill for SLCAT ($161.80) and MAT ($307.76) dues for 2021

• Sent by postage mail 140 mail-in ballot envelopes to resident voters
• Emails to MAT and St. Louis County Elections with revised list of officers adding new deputy clerk and deputy treasurer
• Submitted the 2020 Annual Noxious Weed Report to St Louis County, Land and Minerals Department c/o Kristin Fogard via email

Public Comment:
• Resident request to vacate a road easement that runs into private property. This is a follow-up from a discussion last September 2020. The supervisors are agreeable to vacate the road and will look at the procedure to make it happen either by motion or resolution to dissolve the easement. Thramer provided the material, Worksheet & Sample Documents for Establishing, Altering or Vacating Roads, from Minnesota Association of Townships and a map of the property.– Charmin Thramer, Greg Planting
• Lighting issue noted in November Board meeting minutes – Shane Stolp (note: this was not discussed as Stolp was not in attendance)
• Short term rental conditional use application at 9335 Pequaywan Lake Road – Jim Crace, Patti Rich. Crace explained the past history of the property as a previous short term rental but applying again due to new regulations by the county and the restrictions they require for renters.

Next meeting March 9, 2021, after the March Annual Meeting, at Pequaywan Firehall.

Dressen motioned to adjourn the meeting at 8:35 p.m., seconded by Swanstrom, motion carried 3-0-0.

Respectively submitted by,
Amber Cruz, deputy clerk
Lita Wallace, clerk