June 9, 2015 | Township Board Meeting

Meeting called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Chair Rick Fry.

The following Board Members were present: Supervisor Rick Fry, Supervisor Scott Mead, Supervisor Lee Kaplan, Treasurer Kim Hand and Clerk Lita Wallace.

Number of residents: 1 / non-residents: 1

CLERK’S REPORT – May meeting minutes read by Lita. Motion made by Rick and seconded by Lee to approve the minutes. Motion carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT – the financial report presented by Kim shows the following transactions and balance:

$ 234,632.08        Total Cash On-Hand as of 4/30/15

52.88       Deposits

            814.41        Expenditures
$ 233,870.55        Total Cash On-Hand as of 5/31/15


Road Maintenance (engineer inquiry) – Rick reported that St. Louis County will allow an engineer to come to Pequaywan to ascertain what direction to go.

CTAS – Accounting System Requirements/Laptop/Video Conferencing – Lita researched the operating system requirements for CTAS via the State Auditor’s Office website and visited Best Buy to get ideas on laptops. Any laptops in the market would work including video conferencing. Laptops would cost around $600.00, Microsoft Office $140.00, Anti-virus software $20.00 a month for the first year and $50.00 per year thereafter. A 3-year extended warranty costs $310.00 which Rick decided is not needed and Lee agreed. Lita was requested to research the following:
(1) What internet speed is needed in downloading the CTAS software? (Ray Barnes offered to conduct the download at North Star, if needed.)
(2) How many laptops can Microsoft Office software be installed?
(3) Is there a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty?
(4) What is the cost of the laptop with Windows 7 if it is not a touch screen?

INTERNET UPDATE was made by Lee – Two towers will be built and homeowners within 1/4 mile of the towers will be notified by postal mail once the contracts have been signed between Coop Light, property owners and St Louis County.

POTENTIAL BANK/CREDIT UNION OPTIONS – Kim presented a report showing the comparison of interest rate for money market between several banks and credit unions. The supervisors requested Kim to:
(1) Study comparison between MCCU’s 5-year 2.10% rate vs. SCCU’s 1.85% on $50,000.00 money market based on the report presented.
(2) Check rate at Hermantown Federal Credit Union and Duluth Teachers Credit Union.
(3) Can a Township join a credit union?
(4) How easy is it to move money from Beacon Bank to a new bank/credit union?
(5) Check checking account system transferring from one bank to another bank/credit union.

COMPREHENSIVE PLAN  – Scott reported that he contacted the Planning & Development Office of St. Louis County and was advised that there are two things we can do: either develop a Community Plan or a Comprehensive Plan. Township can apply for a grant based on either of the two plans. Scott suggested to look at the Comprehensive Plan, vision of what we want the township to look like. We can get history,  specifics and samples from other counties; as well as involve community members in getting their ideas.

LOGGING AT ROSSINI ROAD – will be done this summer.

ASSISTANCE FOR TREE PLANTING AND BUD CAPPING ON THE TOWNSHIP LAND – Scott reported that he contacted the Sheriff’s Office and was advised to contact Woodland Hills which told him that their clients do this type of task as part of their community service. They have a policy of 20-mile radius but is negotiable. There is no charge but would probably need to pay for transportation. Lee mentioned that Boy Scouts Troops might be a good one to contact, too.

Other Old Business – None


PAY FOR EQUIALIZATION MEETING ATTENDANCE  – Supervisors gets paid $25 as approved during March for attending meetings and for training attendance only.

TOWNSHIP ADDRESS – Kim reported that Keith is still getting mail from the county and was forwarding to her. In the past, April received the bills and Keith made payment. Kim called the county to change the address to hers but was told that mails should go to the clerk.

SUMMER SHORT COURSE: is going to be held at Carlton County in June. None of the Board Members are able to attend.

MEMBERSHIP CARDS: Lita received membership cards from the County and was distributed to all Board Members.

BILLS TO PAY THIS MONTH: Motion made by Rick and seconded by Scott to approve payment of the bills, carried.


Motion to Adjourn at 8:30 p.m. by Rick and seconded by Scott, carried.

Next meeting: Tuesday,  July 14, 7:30 p.m., Pequaywan Fire Hall

Respectfully submitted by,
Lita Wallace, Township Clerk