March 10, 2007 Township Board Meeting

Supervisors Present: Mark Freeman, Rick Fry, Brian Landstrom

Treasurer, Keith Stoneburner

Marialice Arndt, Town Clerk

Approximately 7 Residents

The meeting was called to order by Chair Freeman at 9:35 PM after election and Annual Meeting.

Regular Business

The February board minutes were read and approved by Supervisors Freeman & Fry. All ayes, motion carried.

Treasurer Report

The February treasurer report available for review. Stoneburner advises that the former insurance vendor, Country Insurance, has been notified that we have a new vendor and he also advises that the former vendor had been providing E & O insurance.

Old Business

Pequaywan Rezoning Hearing

Landstrom and Fry attended the Planning & Zoning meeting on March 8th in Virginia. The request of rezoning appeared to headed for approval when additional debate ensued and the request was denied. It was pointed out that Pequaywan does not have a land use plan. Lot size of non-riparian areas, and a challenge to county authority was presented as means of explanation. Also discussed was that water uses could be restricted by limiting outboards (DNR issues), and questioning if citizens were properly represented as the Resolution was passed in October. It was reported that Pequaywan was not instructed properly by county agents. The request was denied without prejudice. Mark Johnson with the P & Z St Louis County will continue following this issue and advise us what the next step might be.

New Business

Assessment fee for Pequaywan Township

A letter has been received advising the Al Ringer, contractor for assessing properties in Pequaywan Township, will increase his fee from $4900 to $5150. He will send out the billing after June 30th. Even with this increase his fees are lower than having this work done by St Louis County.

Gas Tax Money

A letter from St Louis County advises that the town levy must be $17307 for 2008 under road and bridge to receive gas tax money from the county.

Local issues

In response to last month’s citizen concerns about the money spent to support the PVFD Fye reported that in 2006 the PVFD responded to 27 calls of which 18 were in the township and 10 were in the unorganized area. It as discussed that it is an advantage for resident’s insurance costs to have a local fire department.

Meeting Dates

March Monthly Meeting, April 10th at 7:30 PM.

∙ Fry moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:50 PM. Freeman seconded, motion carried.

Prepared by Marialice Arndt